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Mobile Web Development

Are you aware that today more than 1.5 billion users of mobile phones are able to access the internet using their phones? Known as mobile web browsing, such a facility has been foreseen as the next major leap in the internet platform. Already a major competition has started among companies in establishing a mobile website. Being part of such a competitive industry, we, at Pals solutions, are sure that you would also want to delve into it.

Pals Solutions are also equipped with technically qualified professionals who know how to create a successful and profitable mobile website so that mobile users access quickly and get the information needed. When we develop a mobile website for you, we keep in mind that the website has to work for a mobile phone and offer better access. Our focus is on designing a website that provides a quicker downloading time. In order to achieve this, we modify your existing website so that it is compatible for the users.

What we do to implement Mobile Web Development:

  • We take into account the design, construction, and the layout of the website when undertaking the mobile web development.
  • XML and HTML are used by us and we avoid making use of tables.
  • Vital information such as navigation and site search are placed on the top of the page which make it easy for the users.
  • Pals Solutions also takes into account the time for downloading and avoids images.
  • Unwanted graphics are also totally put aside.

As you are aware, developing a mobile website is different from building a common website. In the current scenario of heavy competition, you will gain majorly if you have a mobile website from Pals Solutions to stand up to your competitors!!

We create

Build up a Strategy for Succeeding Online:
Our initial step for conveying your business a solid is to blend an internet advertising procedure that will layout your business' interesting way to succeed on the web. Our senior promoting strategists construct an exhaustive comprehension of your business by inundating themselves in your organization's image, industry, and aggressive scene. This examination is then used to outline a clear set of battle rules and proposals for online development.

Market Strategy Process:
Our group will meet with you to recognize your business objectives and brand destinations while surveying any vital materials you give us. After that we will make a venture brief including a course of events for deliverables.

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